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One of the lovely aspects of my work is that I get to know cosmetic products very intimately. Producers have to show me every ingredient, every step in their production process to see if their claims are true and if their products are safe. What I found, working with Lina Hanson is a real marvel. That is why I fell in love with Lina Hanson’s Global Face Serum and Body Serum. These are wonderful products, made from the purest organic vegetable oils like argan and brasil nut oil. Topped of with a delicate fragrance from pure essences. A real indulgence for a women’s skin. No petrochemicals, no substances your skin can do without. Pure and softening.
Lina Hanson obviously takes women and their skin serious, since another quality of the product is that it doesn’t try to fool women with unsubstantiated claims. Beauty editors like UK’s Vogue’s are already fan of Lina Hanson’s fine formulations, now European customers will follow. The world would be a better place if all cosmetics where made according to Lina Hanson’s philosophy. The products are packed in a beautiful designed glass bottle with a pump system, so the product keeps in a perfect state. Lina Hanson thought thoroughly about every aspect of her products and I think she has a great future in beauty products and skin care! Congratulations Lina Hanson and welcome to Europe! More information and contact details can be found on www.linahanson.com


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