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Product Information File

Knowing that your product is safe and compliant with EC 1223/2009 is not enough! You (or the Responsible Person) have to keep a Product Information File, which contains all the requisite information: detailed information on your formulation, declarations about GMP, conclusions and references from the Safety Assessor et cetera. As CSA we will organise and compile the PIFs for your products.

A PIF must at the very least contain:

– Product Description and Categories
– The Safety Report containing safety information and the safety assessment
– Method of Manufacturing
– Evidence of compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
– A feature or function may only be assigned to a cosmetic product if the evidence is made available in the Product Information File. For example: for organic products, you have to provide information, proving that a substantial part of the ingredients is organic in origin.
– Data on Animal Testing
– Labeling
– Data on Serious Undesirable Effects

This file must at all times be accessible through the Responsible Person. Lafirgo will always keep a backup, in case something goes wrong.

When your products change, you have to update your PIFs. So being your Safety Assessor means we are in it together for the long term. Our fee for making updates is very reasonable though. Get a quote!