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After discovering argan oil on the first of many trips to Morocco, Katharine L’Heurex conceived of a niche beauty brand that would provide exceptional products while elevating the people and cultures behind them. In spring 2008, Katharine launched Kahina Giving Beauty. As founder and CEO of Kahina Giving Beauty, Katharine has built a global line of luxury skin and body care products. Each product is thoughtfully produced, from sustainable sourcing, to green formulations and environmentally-responsible packaging. Katharine actively works to support the artisans at the heart of the brand. Since Lafirgo knows exactly where cosmetics are made of, we can tell the superior quality of the ingredients Katharine L’Heureux has selected to make her products. For labels that rely totally on non-toxic, plant-based small scale ingredients complying with the demands of EU Regulations can be challenging, since regulations stem from the time that most cosmetic ingredients were developed in chemical laboratories. Lafirgo specializes in a flexible, no-nonense approach that is fit for natural products like Kahina Giving Beauty. Therefore we are proud to welcome Kahina Giving Beauty to be another sustainable, conscious label that trusts on Lafirgo. Together we can make the world beautiful!

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