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It is for Lafirgo a enormous privilege to work with the most motivated formulators and companies in the world, who are willing to make better and healthier cosmetics. Recently I started preparing safety assessments for the Israel-based company Mommy Care owned by Tali Vengosh Biron. Mommy Care makes a series of high quality products for mother and child. All ingredients are chosen with care. Most of them are organic, which in fact should be a normal thing, when making products for children. The products contain plant-based ingredients that are soothing and healing for the vulnerable skin of babies and toddlers. My favorite product in their series is Calendula Diaper Cream. I am sure mothers will be excited by its skin protective capacities thanks to the presence of Calendula, that has been known for ages as a healing plant. I am sure Mommy Care will make a lot of mothers, babies and toddlers the happiest in the world. Registered and available in the EU are at this moment: Baby Bath Soap, Baby Bath Oil, Baby Shampoo, Flexible Massage Oil, Daily Baby Body Lotion, Calendula Diaper Cream, Calendula Facial Wind and Cold Protective Cream, Anti Stretch Mark Cream, Lanolin Breastfeeding Ointment and Baby Facial Cream. And in the future there is probably more to come.
More information on Mommy Care products is available at www.mommy-care.com

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