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The flashy and upbeat label STARSKIN is one of Lafirgo’s new clients, Starskin was founded by the Dutch Nicole Arnoldussen and Paul Hendriks who are launching innovative mask-products with the speed of light. An important hallmark or their products is the use of complex herbal formulas. Since Lafirgo specializes in natural products, knowledge of natural and botanical ingredients we were able to assist the introduction of already seven different new products in a little over half a year. Starskins remarkable efforts to make women beautiful with an original mask technology doesn’t get unnoticed. In the last two years Starskin received 16 beauty product awards. Lafirgo loves to work with labels like Starskin, especially because it is adopting more and more sustainable ingredients.
Founder Nicole Arnoldussen says: “Our vision is to bring the global cosmetic market as close as possible to where the latest skincare trends and innovations are – in the east to beauty-forward Korea, and as close-to-earth as possible by drawing on some of Nature’s most nutrient- and mineral-dense ingredients. Ingredients matter, and this is one of our core strengths. For example, our favorite ingredients include marine algae, green tea and bamboo – both traditionally known for their anti-aging, collagen boosting and skin rejuvenating properties and have been used for centuries in traditional Korean skincare rituals. Our new fresh Vitamin C sheet masks (coming soon!) feature flash freeze-dried Vitamin C crystals at 75% strength to bring the best results for the skin. All to deliver a radiant, glowing celebrity skin in just 15 minutes!”

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