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Sometimes it makes sense to think twice about registering a product. For example in the case of Good Clean Love, a high quality, organic (and vegan) personal lubricant. Is this a cosmetic product? Or should it be categorized as a medical device? I know, device sounds a bit like an overstatement here. But after thorough research we came to the conclusion that a personal lubricant is a medical device under the EU Medical Device Directive. One reason is that a lubricant is not only applied on the outside of the body, but also on the inside.

Making the decision under which Regulation or Directive a borderline product should be registered is a responsible one. We want the best for our clients and for their customers. In this case we are very happy we took the decision to go for medical device registration, even though this meant even more paperwork. Last week we finally got the blessing of the EU authorities and that means Good Clean Love soon will be available on the European market. We are proud that we could register such a beautiful product as Good Clean Love. A lot of women will be able to discover this product doesn’t only offer lubrication but also supports vaginal health.

If you want to lear more about Good Clean Love, please have a look at www.goodcleanlove.com

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